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P7a Update
An incredible week of learning, working together and achieving our very best.

The children have been learning more about WW2 and the topic books will come home before Easter holidays so they can share their learning with you.

We are making great progress with our times tables booklets and the results show that 54% of our class can now accurately answer all their questions in the 6x table, each in under 3 secs, after a week of reinforcement. Everyone is working with determination!

We wrote letters home from an evacuee viewpoint in our literacy lessons this week and are up to Chapter 14 in our class novel.  Next week we are focusing on writing our autobiography and will begin with diary writing skills. 

Looking forward to a restful weekend and then our trip Monday - please remember packed lunch and school uniform :)

The pupils have permission slip letters home today about the STEM workshops the following Tuesday at Pitreavie PS.  Lots of exciting opportunities for our pupils to learn science with their friends at other schools.

We are hoping to make and eat chocolate tiffin as an end of ww2 treat as the pupils have been learning how scarce chocolate was during the war and would appreciate any donations of the ingredients if you have any in a cupboard going spare.  This will be made as a whole class lesson to ensure everyone is included. Please let me know if you do not wish your child to eat a piece of tiffin once its made. (eating it is optional)

           Have a lovely weekend - Mrs Watt