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Lots of excitement this week as we got to grips making spring rolls as part of our developing awareness of Chinese cultural cooking using the bamboo steamer. Please visit seesaw for some photos of the class dishes!
https://blog.seesaw.me/mrswattp7a ask your child for the password.
(pupils have been asked to visit SEESAW for the secret chinese password.... if anyone has difficultly accessing the link the password is...NOODLES!)

We hope to make noodles this Monday.

We have all finished our mini sagas and will share these with you soon. Pupils were writing persuasive letters and invitations to encourage people to attend our upcoming MacMillan Coffee Morning on Friday 27th September so look out for these around the school soon.  Next week pupils will be asked to write a persuasive letter to encourage the reader to do something in a circumstance of their choosing for example stop hunters, no school uniform, single use plastics, to allow them to demonstrate how they can apply the skills taught this week.

Home learning books have been issued and include passwords for online learning zones. 

Mason has been chosen as our Sports Council representative and we await to hear of House/Vice Captains on Monday.  Our school will also Pupil Council, Eco Committee and Tech Team to appoint to join the existing JLT. A busy week ahead!

In maths we have focused on 4 times tables and our number work.  Pupils are more confident, reading and writing larger numbers with increase ease.  We looked at rounding numbers and most are now secure rounding to nearest 10, 100 and 1000. 

Our China topic brainstorm map is shared in the app pic and its small to see - but t is PACKED FULL of questions and areas to explore generated by the pupils so its going to be a fun and interesting term.

This week the pupils will receive a visit from Barnardos to discuss substance misuse. (weds pm)

Our class novel Holes by Louis Sachar continues to fascinate the children and we have read up to Chapter 7 so please read along with us !

We are looking for donations of any sets of Chinese Checkers and also as we head into the wintery months boxes of tissues if anyone has any spare ( gentler on little noses than the toilet roll)

Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Watt