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It continues to amaze me how much learning we can pack into the short weeks!
In P6/7 Maths, pupils have been exploring angle sizes and some are now able to precisely draw angles using a protractor.

Our Writing has focused on formal letter writing and towards the end of the week, we looked at the history of Children of Need and Pudsey bear.  Pupils read comprehension material, highlighted the parts they felt were most important and then transferred this into their jotter. Do you know when the first charity broadcast was held? Ask your child, they have loads of facts to share.  We also looked at the 5 to Thrive that Joe Wicks School Ambassador for Children in Need was promoting, these included to Connect, Get Active, Get Curious, Give and Take Notice.  Thank you to everyone for their involvement with the charity today and hope you can tune in to the BBC tomorrow for the scheduled programme.  

P7 Pupils met with Barnardos in a virtual Workshop on Tuesday.  This coming Tuesday, as part of Book Week Scotland, I have organised for the pupils to attend a virtual meeting with leading children's author Robin Stevens.  I first became familiar with this author in 2014 when I came across her childrens detective series. The premise appealed to me immediately (deadly secret detective agency set up by school pupils to investigate a murder in their school!) so it's a real thrill to have this opportunity to introduce the class in a virtual meet. I'm sure you know by now I am an advocate of life long reading and it's exciting to see your children now chatting and discussing their reading with renewed enthusiasm.

In Science pupils worked in groups to complete a STEM challenge making a paper water balloon which was great fun. Next week it's a group challenge to create a catapult!!! (All materials have been provided/santised/in individual quarantine packs to meet COVID19 guidance) committed to our focus of a year of exciting and engaging experiences for such a wonderful cohort.

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Have a lovely long weekend - see you all Monday.
Mrs Watt