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We began the week with our St Andrews Ceilidh then swiftly shifted into Christmas gear!
Our bright and happy class was filled with wonder this week with the arrival of "Elfis" our Christmas Elf.  Thank you to everyone who has brought in decorations to help set the atmosphere for the festive season. The classroom really feels the part!

Our conflict studies lessons saw us looking at a communication timeline beginning with the use of Morse Code.  In science we have begun our electricity topic and we demonstrated what we have learned about building a circuit to light a bulb and send some secret messages! 

In writing we continued with persuasive adverts and examined the impact logos have on us and the commercial world.  Pupils were stunned to learn how many brands they know and the power good marketing can have.  They have designed the wrappers for a christmas bar and will share their products shortly.  We have discussed seasonal enterprise and not for profit groups.  Covid restrictions prevent the usual Christmas Fayre but pupils will still get the chance to make seasonal crafts.

In maths we have shifted towards symmetry and 3D shape properties.  Pupils created models using spaghetti and 3d cardboard 'decorations' using square pyramids and pentagonal prisms.  

Our social target winner is Leo - well done! Our Rights Respecting School Representative has been appointed - well done Gregor Fraser.

Our class christmas committee have organised a secret santa - all pupils wishing to take part have a name home with them today.  They have agreed as a class to choose and wrap a suitable gift (low value/ regifting) that will be returned for Friday 11th to be quarantined until the class Christmas Fun Day/ Party on the 15th.  Pupils are welcome to dress up/down for the party day/ swap gifts/ we will also give out all the christmas cards and watch a Christmas movie which has been voted in as ..... Elf! 

Christmas cards reminder - all cards to be placed in class postbox and will be handed out all in one go on the 15th to allow time for quarantine.The last post is Friday 11th December.

I'm already looking forward to Monday when we start our creative dance lessons, continue reading War Horse and design our traditional annual calendars.

Enjoy the weekend,
Mrs Watt