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P6/7 helped advertise today's Odd Sock Day - we hope you enjoyed the adverts! The pupils all want to support national anti-bullying week and have discussed strategies to cope with bullying, loneliness and maintaining postive mental health.  Socks have been so colourful and different and unique to the pupils personalities!  It got us thinking about making 'Sock Snowmen' as our Christmas Craft - any donations of clean packs of socks, rice and buttons welcomed!

In writing the focus has been on persuasive letters. As a follow on from last week's research into Children in Need our incredibly thoughtful class want to organise a bring and buy sale as their enterprise project to raise funds for the local Christmas Toy Appeal and they need your help.

Please help your child hunt through their cupboards for a toy that is suitable to donate (e.g a toy that isn' being played with anymore, with all its pieces, in good condition, with working batteries etc)  that could be brought in the first week of December. We will sanitise it and quarantine it from Friday over the weekend and run a 'Christmas Grotto' where each pupil in the school will get a chance to buy a toy for a fixed price of £1. We hope the event will be a great success!

Our number work has finished the block of work on position and movement. The learning next week will focus on symmetry and shape as we begin to decorate the classroom for Christmas.  We will look at decimals and money in the run up to the holidays with the focus on our enterprise project and the cost of a family christmas e.g dinner, gifts, clothes, electricity bill and budgeting for heading into the new year keeping the learning relevant to events in their lives.

Our STEM experiment 2 on creating a catapult was a success as photos on SEESAW show! All the groups worked extremely well together and some great designs were made.

P7s are excited about Ardroy next week - fingers crossed its not TOO cold or wet! 
P6s are looking forward to working with Mr Morgan's class and spending time working cooperatively with the other P6 cohort.

Have a lovely weekend
Mrs Watt & P6/7