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An incredible term ends with a incredible enterprise event – P6/7 excelled on the day and ensured the whole school enjoyed a safe MacMillan Coffee Morning Fun Day.  The games were organised and executed perfectly and a great time was had by all.  A huge amount of money raised for a great charity and lots of well deserved praise from the whole school community - Well done everyone!

This term has flown by and I have been repeatedly impressed with the resilience and responsibility shown by the class.  The children have explored our China Topic with enthusiasm and we will continue this for 4 weeks when we return.

In numeracy this week we have focused on our 7 times tables and the pupils have all improved their skills and accuracy with subtraction. We also looked at the ancient Chinese puzzle Tangram – a template is shared on SEESAW - have fun!.  Pupils have received focused taught support in all their times tables – please continue to reinforce these at home using topmarks.com (hit the button/daily 10).

Our class have written wonderful poems and stories this term developing their use of rich openers, ambitious vocabulary, extended length and neat presentation using joined script.  We have looked at the structure and content of  formal letters this week and will begin next term writing persuasive letters, adverts and debates. 

In grammar we learned about proverbs, and looked at ancient Chinese proverbs. We have written fortunes and as a small end of term treat pupils have home with them a Chinese fortune cookie. (ordered from Amazon/individually wrapped) I wish them all good fortune over the holidays! Please share on SEESAW what your fortune says – tag this in the Fortune Cookie Folder.

I hope that the next fortnight is full of dry, bright and sunny days so the children can rest and maybe get out for some long autumn walks, crunching leaves and acorn picks! My favourite time of year!
Looking forward to starting term 2.
Mrs Watt.