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Once again we come to the end of a busy week. It really seems that the weeks are just whizzing by in P6.

In Numeracy, we have continued working on budgeting money. Some of the class have been working on how to calculate discounts whilst others have been working on how to convert money using exchange rates. We have linked our Digital Literacy work in Excel into our numeracy by continuing to create inter-linked lists for shopping and household costs. All great life skills for the future.

In Literacy, we have looked at new spelling patterns and continued to focus on our handwriting presentation. Although we still have work to do on this, the class are feeling that their handwriting is definitely getting neater.

This week was the first of two taster session for cricket. A visiting coach introduced the class to basic batting skills and then put these to the test by getting the children to play ‘Kwik Cricket’. This is a non-stop version of cricket and due to their non-stop batting and running, there were quite a few red faces by the end of the lesson. There are some photos and short video clips on Seesaw for you to view. The second session will be next Tuesday afternoon.

In Art, we continued our work on improving our watercolour painting skills and looked at how to paint areas that are in shade.

In Drama and Music, our Joseph rehearsals are now really paying off as the confidence levels of the children; as well as their acting skills, are getting better and better. I’m sure that by the time of the performance they will have improved even more.

We finished off the week with a Sport’s Relief Day assembly and sporting activities which included 14 lengths of the school to walk a mile. This afternoon the children enjoyed some time in the hall taking part in a range of sporting activities. They had a great time. I’ve added loads of video clips on to Seesaw for you to enjoy. What a lovely way to end the week!

I hope that you all have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Mr. Morgan.