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P6 Update

In Numeracy, we have moved on from Algebra to look at Money. We have started to look at the features of debit and credit cards. We have also discussed what APR is and how to calculate how much you are charged for borrowing. Next week we will move on to budgeting money.

In Digital Literacy, in connection with our work in Numeracy, we have started to look at how to create and use a spreadsheet. The class were fascinated how all the cells can be linked together and how recalculations can be done immediately.

In Drama, rehearsals are continuing nicely for our performance of Joseph.  In Music this week, Mrs Baxter has helped us with the songs. 

In Art, we have continued looking at colour and shading within a drawing.  We didn’t get to the stage of using water colours but this remains our plan for our next step.

In Science, we have started to grow our Potassium Alum Sulphate crystals and we have been selecting the best seed crystal based on shape and clarity. On Thursday, we reset the solution and used our selected seed crystal in the hope that it will continue to grow well.

The class enjoyed a visit from Destination Judo on Tuesday and had great fun trying to wriggle out of various holds! Details of how you can participate further is on our Seesaw.

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Mr. Morgan.