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Good afternoon,

In Numeracy, we have been continuing to work hard on our skills in Algebra. The class are proud of how far they have progressed and some have even started work that is normally done in P7, or even beyond.  Check out some of their explanatory videos in Seesaw. 

In Drama, rehearsals are coming along nicely for our performance of Joseph. We have had a first read-through and stage arrangement of all the scenes.  In Music this week, Mrs Baxter has been helping to arrange and fine-tune the songs.  We have also started to gather together some items for costumes but we would really appreciate it if you have any plain coloured material or striped material that you no longer need so that it can be converted into costumes for our villagers and brothers.  Unwanted sheets, duvet covers or curtains are ideal.

In Literacy, we have finished our focus on how to write and set-out a script.  The children were very surprised at just how many media or performance related careers rely on the use of scripts.

In Art, we have had a detailed look at how we use colour and shading within a drawing to help make objects appear more realistic. Next week we will have a go at using paint rather than pencil to colour our drawings. Please check out our work-in-progress and completed drawings in Seesaw.

In Science, we have started to look at how to grow a Potassium Alum Sulphate crystal. Writing step-by-step instructions will soon be followed by growing our own seed crystal from a solution.

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Mr. Morgan.