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This week in Primary 5/6, as part of our Literacy work, we were creating shape poems about fireworks and Bonfire night. Pupils used their understanding of onomatopoeia and similes to create very descriptive final drafts and used shape and colour to bring them to life. As part of our reading comprehension we were focusing on developing the skill of skim reading to quickly find key information within a text and scanning a text for key words relating to questions.

During Mathematics, the pupils were learning mental and written strategies for multiplication. They were consolidating their understanding of written strategies for addition and subtraction in a cops and robbers board game and a numeracy card game.

As part of Expressive Arts, the pupils were learning about Remembrance Day. They then created pictures of fields of poppies and constructed 3d poppies to stick in the foreground of the picture to work on giving a picture a sense of perspective.

In Physical Education, pupils continued working on their ball skills with a focus on passing and moving into space within games of bench ball. We also discussed the importance of good sportsmanship when we are playing a competitive game.

As part of digital technologies we were working on formatting a word document and using word art and borders to create eye catching displays and signs for our classroom.

We were also visited by the Big Book Quiz this week and the pupils all put their best effort in to answering the questions with a lot of pupils scoring quite highly.

Hope everyone has a super weekend!

Mr Gray