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P5/6 Update
Once more, another week has flown by!  The class have had a super week and have worked very hard all week. Although I am still not in class, Miss Williams and I have been in very regular contact throughout the week to continue to plan the learning experiences for everyone.
In Literacy, the class have been working on their handwriting and in particular the size of some of their letters. We still have work to do in this area, but they are definitely getting better. In Numeracy, the class have worked hard on rounding and are feeling much more confident. In RME, we have looked at the life of a Buddhist monk and many in the class were surprised at just how strictly they devote themselves to their religion. In Topic, the class looked at the environmental impact of quarrying, and again, many were surprised just how much the production of rock for construction can destroy nature. Some good discussions on the pros and cons were had in class.
Finally, I think one of the highlights of the week must have been when one of the crystals that we were growing in class was finally revealed. It produced an amazing example!
Miss Williams and I hope that you all have a safe and relaxing weekend.
Mr Morgan