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P5/6 Weekly Update

The week has flown by and the class were very excited on Thursday to see the Thank U NHS Spitfire as it flew over Dunfermline. The weather was just perfect for spotting it. Such a lovely thought.

In class, lots of hard work has been done this week. We have just finished reading our first class novel ‘Born to Run’ by Michael Morpurgo which led on to some great stories being written on possible alternative ending or new adventures for Best Mate.

In numeracy, we have finished looking at place value and will now move on to multiplication of whole numbers by 10, 100 or 1000. The highlight of this week for me has to be the look of achievement on some of the faces of the children when they had that breakthrough moment in understanding of place value and being able to read sometimes some very large numbers.

Our study of Earth’s materials continues well, which cannot be said for our attempts at crystal growing. I know I promised to share updates on Seesaw but first I need something to share!  As they say, every failure is a learning opportunity!

In RME, we have been starting of our Thursday afternoon lesson with a little meditation. The class have really been enjoying this.

I hope that you all have a safe and relaxing weekend.

Mr. Morgan.