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P5/6 Update

Another week comes to a close and it’s been another busy week.  The highlight of this week again has to be the children showing off their enthusiasm for Digital Literacy with some wonderful photography and editing skills. The theme for this week was ‘leading lines’ where they had to think carefully about the composition of their shot and how the eye is drawn into an image.

Another highlight was their artwork. They are finishing off their L.S. Lowry inspired artwork and some of them are just wonderful!

In Numeracy, they have worked on place value and in literacy they looked at how details and adverbs can improve the quality of their writing.

Our science-based context for learning, ‘Earth’s Materials’, continues to really engage them. There is something wonderful about the power of volcanoes! This week they have been learning about the role that volcanoes and then water erosion plays in the production of all sorts of rocks. They also learned a little about how crystals and other precious materials are formed. We have, unsuccessfully so far, started to grow our own Potassium Alum Sulphate class crystal in class. I will update you with images in Seesaw if it does ever start to grow!

Congratulations to Emily, Olivia, Callum F and Euan who successfully applied, interviewed for and gained a place in our school Tech Team.

Have a relaxing and safe weekend everyone.

Mr. Morgan.