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My goodness, this has been such a busy, and fun week. The Christmas excitement is definitely building - and it's only a week till the big day itself.
We have still been very busy working in primary 5. In maths we have been continuing our work on measure, where we were learning to calculate area and started learning about measuring weight. So, if there is any Christmas baking happening in your household, you can call on some help with reading the scales and measuring ingredients.
In literacy we were learning to use apostrophes to show possession and we also wrote an imaginative story about Santa's reindeer not being given carrots by the boys and girls. 
As it is Christmas we have been thinking about others, and we designed and made some lovely, colourful Christmas cards to send to a local care home. As we have been learning to measure, everyone measured their arm span in ribbon and attached a pair of mitts to each end so we could send them a hug in a card.  
The online pantomine on Tuesday was a big success and the children enjoyed joining in with all the usual pantomime fun. Our party was another big success, with the children enjoying all the fun and games we had planned. They were a credit to you with their behaviour and also with how many of them said  thank you for the party. Such lovely manners. 
As you will be aware the children have come home today having emptied their trays, and bringing home their art work and their worksheets. These are in a polypocket (some of them are in plastic bags if they had too much for their school bags). Please quarantine these for 72 hours before you look at them as we want every one to have a safe and healthy Christmas.
Next week the children are invited to wear their school jumpers for the last two days of term. 
FINALLY, the great news! We were successful in our attempt to persuade Mrs Howie that we deserve a special treat, so on Monday afternoon we are going to have a 'snuggle break'. The children have asked to wear slippers and watch a Christmas movie, whilst having Fairtrade hot chocolate and fruit to support the Fairtrade farnmers we have been learning about. Our persuasive skills must have been very good -so well done to everyone for their great efforts in writing.
It just remains for me to say that I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy some relaxing family time together. Stay safe and look after yourselves
Mrs Haddow