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Oh my goodness. What a quick week this has been. In fact, what a week in general with a full moon, advent starting and snow! It must be December!
Despite all this primary 5 continue to be very busy.
In numeracy we have almost finished our topic on subtraction and I was very impressed with their progress in this topic. We have also started on our topic of measure and we are currently working on measuring length, and converting between metres and centimetres.
In writing this week we were shocked to receive a letter from The Grinch asking us to help him cancel Christmas. We replied with very persuasive letters arguing why Christmas should be saved, so hopefully we will have persuaded him to change his plans. Fingers crossed as we have been discussing this week what we think is the most special thing about Christmas. Almost everyone said it was spending time with family, which was so lovely to hear.
In anticipation of Santa perhaps bringing some gadgets to children on Christmas Day, in ICT we are learning about internet safety. We have been learning how important it is not to make information public, not to post photos of people without their consent and how to recognise when people's posts are making us anxious or worried. The children are really enjoying the animated story that is used to help get these important messages across.
I hope you have a safe and fun weekend.
Mrs Haddow