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Good afternoon
First of all can I just say a huge thank you to everyone for being so generous and contributing so much to our harvest donations. The primary 5 box is overflowing with your donations, and I know that the people who receive these kind donations will be very grateful.
This week we have been learning what it is like to live in the rainforest and comparing it to Dunfermline. The children definitely thought there were lots of good things about living in the rainforest, but also thought it might be quite hard work ...and were not sure if they would like to live without electricity.
In literacy we have been learning to use adverbs to make interesting sentence openers, and we practised using adjectives and adverbs when we wrote a character description of our own unique rainforest creatures.I definitey would not like to meet some of them in a trip to the rainforest!
This week we have also been learning about two more learning powers - willingness to try, and looking for how to improve. We had lots of fun trying to draw with our feet - and created many unusual trees in the process.
I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend - wellies and waterproofs at the ready I think.
Mrs Haddow