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Good Afternoon,

Primary 5 have been doing a lot of outdoor learning this week. In maths we have been having fun learning the 8 points of the compass, and we have been practising turning clockwise and anti-clockwise in quarter and half turns. Lots of jumping and chalking in the playground was involved, and we enjoyed making our own compasses to help us in our learning.

A highlight of this week was definitely watching the Spitfire flying overhead yesterday morning, recognising the work of the NHS. The children loved watching the flyover, and personally we think the special loop it did was for us  because the pilot saw us all waving.

In science and social studies this week we have been learning about the ways in which animals in the rainforest have adapted to suit their environments, and we have now moved on to learning about the various parts of a food chain, and the energy flow within it. The children particulalry enjoyed designing their own unique animal with adaptations that allow it to survive in the rainforest. A very interesting range of new species has been created! 

We all enjoyed organising and taking part in Jeans for Genes day today. As we are quarantining all the money raised, we will not be able to announce our total until next week, however we are sure that the day has been a big success.

Have a lovely weekend,
Mrs Haddow