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This week we seem to have had a focus on chocolate. We have been learning to use adjectives, and yesterday we started learning about different types of adverbs. This is to help us to make our writing more descriptive and exciting. The children enjoyed writing a descriptive setting about an imaginary land called Candyland. We used Willy Wonka's chocolate factory as a stimulus for this, and the video clip definitely got their imagination going - as well as tummies rumbling!
In numeracy we have continued to work on place value, with many now rising to the challenge of working on decimals.Again, chocolate appeared in our introduction to decimals!
In science we have been learning about the different states of matter, their properties, and how materials can change their state of matter.  We have been thinking about how this links to the water cycle, and various other things such as eggs, and chocolate.
Altogether it has been a busy and successful week in primary 5.
I hope you enjoy a fun, safe weekend.
Mrs Haddow