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Good afternoon everyone.

It is hard to believe it is Friday already, and we have finished our first whole week in school for a very long time. The children are still adjusting to being back in school, and there have been a number of quite tired faces in class this week - mine included!

We have had a busy week in primary 5. We started on our first numeracy topic where we have been looking at place value, extending our understanding of this to bigger numbers. I have been very pleased with just how much the children have remembered and we are able to take this topic forwards quite confidently.

In writing, we started off the term by writing an imaginary story about a group of children who have a portal key that  transports them to the rainforest for an adventure. The children enjoyed discussing the picture prompt we used for this and created some fun adventures in their stories.

In science we have been learning about the water cycle, and had fun creating our own mini' water cycle in a bag' experiments so that we can observe the changing states of water. Fingers crossed for some sunshine so that they really work well.

Starting from next week there will be  one change to our usual routine. We are asking all children to come to school on gym days dressed in their outdoor gym kit. This is to help maximise the time the children can spend on PE. Our gym days are a Monday and a Wednesday, so children should come dressed for outdoor PE on these two days, and come in school uniform on the other three days of the week..We are also reminding children that water bottles should only be filled with plain water.

If they wish, children may bring in a reading book from home to read in our Friday ERIC reading time. This should be kept in their bags and trays, and should not be shared with anyone else.

I would also like to remind you to prebook lunches on I Pay Impact (even if you are a bringing a packed lunch from home. We still have a number of children whose lunches are not prebooked, and oredring their lunches is taking up some of our learning time every morning just now.Thank you, in advance, for your help with this

I hope you have a fun weekend, and look forward to seeing all the class (in gym kit) on Monday morning.

Mrs Haddow