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This week seems to have flown past in Primary 5 - perhaps due to the excitement of World Book day. It was super to see so many of the children dressed up today, and we have had a very busy day filled with lots of fun literacy activities. 
This week we completed our final newspaper report, this time on The Murder of John Comyn. The children were able to be roving reporters in Drama, and practise their interviewing techniques as groups of children acted out the scene. They certainly engaged well in the brutal murder scene and I can safely say that John Comyn is well and truly dead! However, whether it was Robert the Bruce or his followers still remains a discussion point. In Social Studies this week, we learned what happened to Robert the Bruce and his family after Comyn's murder. The children developed their critical thinking skills using agree or disagee stations. I was very impressed by the thinking skills displayed which showed both their understanding of the topic so far, their ability to think of the consequences of actions, and their ability to see both sides of an argument. Great work! The children have all been given a letter home about our forthcoming trip to Bannockburn, which is a fabulous trip and really brings the Battle of Bannockburn to life. If you are able to volunteer as a parent helper on the day, please let me know as soon as possible.
In Numeracy, we have started working on division, and we have started by developing our understanding of the link between multiplication and division. Hopefully this is a link that we will be able to use when we look at different strategies for division.
In Literacy, we have been developing our skills in punctuating sentences by looking at how to use apostrophes properly. We have learned the two different jobs an apostrophe has and have been using these in our sentences. 
In P.E, we assessed our fitness levels to see if they have improved since our first week, and next week we will be setting ourselves new targets. We have also completed our block on Gymnastics and we are now excited to be developing our ball skills through learning to play Danish Longball. 
I hope you have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Haddow and P5