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I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend. The children have been sharing the many activities they got up to, so I suspect most of you were kept very busy.
As most of you will have seen on Seesaw, this week in ICT we were outside taking photographs. The children were looking at using light and unusual angles in their photographs, with some stunning results.
In Writing this week, we have been investigating what makes a good newspaper report and we had a go at writing our own newspaper reports based on Nursery Rhymes. The children were very engaged in this and had lots of fun putting a twist into the traditional storyline to make it newsworthy. We will continue to develop our newspaper writing skills over the next few weeks.
In Social Studies this week, we learned about the fate of William Wallace following his victory at Stirling Bridge. We were challenged to make a lifesized model of Wallace's sword. This involved using a number of measuring skills learned in our recent Maths topic on measurement, and proved more challenging than we anticipated. Ask your child about the challenges they met! 

In Multiplication, we have focused on the grid, or cross method strategy for multiplying bigger numbers. The  children are becoming more confident with multiplying bigger numbers, however a number of children are finding it tricky because they need to know their times tables for this work. Further practise at home on times tables will help their progress. Please ask your child if there are tables they particularly need your help with and support them with this where you can.

The children are happily recording examples of their work on Seesaw that they are keen to share with you and I would encourage you to have a look on Seesaw and discuss their posts with them. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend - so far I don't think there are any storms forecast. Fingers crossed!

Mrs Haddow