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The class enjoyed a taster judo session this week. The boys and girls enjoyed taking part and it looked lots of fun.

As part of literacy on a Monday, Mrs Greig has been teaching the children how to give feedback to another child about their written work. The children have to use a set success criteria and choose something from the criteria that the children are doing well and something that they need to work on. This is an important skill and one they will use more and more as they move up the school.

In health this week the children were learning about what fair means and Mrs Greig used the Little Red Hen book to introduce this topic.

During topic time the children were learning about the importance of the River Nile to the Egyptians. They were able to take notes and then use this to write a factual report.

We were printing scarab beetles during art this week. It was a tricky process. The children had to draw a beetle onto tracing paper, lay the paper on a polystyrene tile and scrape the design onto the tile. The children used rollers to put paint on the tile and then printed onto card. Not all our beetle prints came out properly. We think that we may not have scraped deep enough grooves in the tiles. However, the children enjoyed taking part and they now understand the process of printing. We are hoping if we have time to try again we will be more successful.

We are now working on money in maths time. This week we have been recognising and describing different coins, counting amounts of coins up to 99p  and giving change from 50p. Next week some children will move on to looking at counting amounts up to £5, working out the coins needed to buy products and giving change from £1.

In technology the children worked in pairs to build a model of an Egyptian sheduf. This was used to gather water from the Nile to water the crops. The children displayed good teamwork.

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all again for attending the parents afternoon. Your support is very much appreciated.

Kind regards, Mrs Thomson