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Today, one of the children came in very excited because our class had four mentions in a local newspaper article about the music festival. I am going to have to buy a paper on the way home to see what positive comments have been published.

The children have been very interested in their literacy and project this week. They have been learning all about the mummification process which sounds quite disgusting! The children sequenced the stages of mummification as part of their reading task this week. They then used these notes to create step by step instructions for a trainee mummifier to follow. They had to use interesting time connectives such as first, then, next and after. They also had to use bossy verbs such as wash, pull, wrap and stuff to make sure the trainee knew exactly what to do.

In science the children have set up an experiment to help them understand how the mummification process works. They will mummify a piece of apple and look at the results next week.

We are almost finished our block of subtraction in maths. The children have been taught a number of strategies to support them and have had access to lots of different materials to help them. The last strategy that we are working on is linking subtraction to addition.

The children have produced beautiful silhouettes of the pyramids at sunset. Some of the pictures will be added to our Egyptian display along with some of the mummification instructions.

The children are continuing to enjoy putting together their creative dance in PE.

I hope everyone is enjoying looking at their children's work on Seesaw. There are still some parents who are still not signed up. If you need a replacement permissoin slip and instructions for signing up, please let me know.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Mrs Thomson