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Primary Three have been working very hard on their project this week. They learned who the Egyptians were, the different roles they had and their order of importance. They also learned about Pharoahs in more detail.

In literacy, the children have been learning about the Scots language. They are listening to the story of The Eejits which is the Scottish version of The Twits. As part of their reading the children had to highlight Scottish words in a passage from the story and discuss what the words might mean using the context of the sentence.

In writing, the children wrote a description of Mr Twit in English using adjectives they had suggested and gathered as a class. They then used a class display of Scots words to change some of the description into Scots. The results were super and very entertaining.

During art the children created cut paper collages of Mr Twit which look fabulous. They had great fun creating him. The Scots words, Mr Twit descriptions and the pictures have been used to create a lovely display for the class.

At gym the children continued to work on their fitness. Mrs Greig is also doing a block of creative dance. There are a few children still coming to school without full kit. I would appreciate if you could check that your child has the clothing required to take part.

In maths, the children continue to build on their understanding of subtraction and are starting to work with larger numbers. This can be challenging but the children always have access to materials to support their learning. They are becoming very good at persevering when they come across challenges in their work.

The class have started to learn the Egyptian themed songs they are going to sing at the music festival. They may want to let you hear them. They are very catchy!

I hope the children and yourself have a lovely weekend. Mrs Thomson