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Good afternoon everyone,

I was very excited and pleased to be back in school on Wednesday. It was wonderful to see all the children and to see how keen they were to get back into the school routine. Both Mrs Greig and I think the children have coped very well this first week and are a real credit to the school. You should all be very proud parents. 

The children had a chance to talk about all the different feelings they had about returning to school. They wrote about some of these feelings and painted pictures inspired by Kandinsky to represent them. 

We continued to look at arrays and linking our understanding of repeated addition to multiplication. We have also learned about the ten times table and the strategies we can use to find answers. The children have also had opportunities to practise chanting the 2 and 10 times table to help them memorise them. It would be helpful for them to continue to do this at home.

For Writing this week, the children created their own pirate character using collage and drawing materials. We had a great discussion about what a pirate looks like and what we already know about pirates. The children loved making their pirates and next week they will write a character description about them. Eventually, they will write an adventure story for their character.

This week most children were introduced to the Comprehension box. This activity involves the children reading a text carefully and answering questions about it. The cards get progressively more challenging as the children become more confident and skillled at using reading strategies to answer questions correctly. It is a great tool for assessing children's understanding of what they have read. 

For Project, we continued to learn about road safety. The children discussed road safety advice they thought would be important to share with their peers. They played an interactive game where they had to choose a safe walking route for a character. They then had to identify pedestrians who were not being safe in a picture and explain why they were not safe.  They are now well aware of the dangers of traffic and the importance of safe behaviour next to and when crossing the road. 

Finally, I just want to say again how pleased Mrs Greig and I are to see the children back in school and that it has been a delight to teach them this week. 

KInd regards, Mrs Thomson & Mrs Greig