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Good afternoon everyone.

I cannot believe that it is Friday already. This week has just flown by!

This week Mrs Greig and I tried to link our learning to Christmas as much as possible. In Maths, the children learned about symmetry and what this means. They were given challenges where they had to complete the missing half of the Christmas pictures, ensuring they were all symmetrical. The children also learned about grid references. They had to go along the pavement then up to the sky when finding the correct squares on the grid. Each grid reference square had to be filled in using a particular colour stated in the instructions. When the children finished their task, they realised that they had created a reindeer and a Christmas gift.

Mrs Greig read the class a festive story book as part of their reading activity this week. The children then had to share their favourite part of the story giving reasons for their choice.

The class also learned about the Christmas story and were successful in sequencing it correctly as a follow up task. They then watched the film 'The Star' which retells the story from the donkey's point of view. The children enjoyed comparing what they saw to the book.

On Thursday we had our Christmas party. We had games such as Christmas corners, musical statues and musical spots. We even had a dance off at the end which was won by Ellie Thomson. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and their behaviour was exemplary throughout. The fun and games were followed up with snacks and a drink. The children then got to finish off the day completing Christmas activities.

On Friday the children experienced yet another Christmas treat. The school had kindly booked an online pantomime for them to watch. It was really funny and great fun to watch. 

Mrs Greig and I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas. We hope you all enjoy your time as a family in the holidays. We look forward to seeing all the boys and girls again in January.

Kind regards,
Mrs Greig & Mrs Thomson