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Good afternoon. P3 have finished another interesting week.

For the story this week, Mrs Greig read Jingle Bells by Nick Butterworth. The children were learning how to share their opinion and had to write what their favourite part of Jingle Bells was.

Mrs Greig continues to be amazed by the effort, enthusiasm and commitment the children are demonstrating towards their running. Well done boys and girls.

This week we finished of this term's block on subtraction. Some children were shown how to use a double tens frame to support them with calculating subtraction of digits from numbers up to 20. Others were using the strategy where they had to take away the tens then the ones. 

For writing, the children were continuing to learn how to set out and write a letter. They wrote to Mr Thomas the toymaker to tell him all about what they had learned during their toys project.

For project this week the children were challenged to create their own magnet game. There were many super ideas including magnetic mazes; finding out what items were magnetic/not magnetic, magnetic race games and creating moving pictues. I was very impressed.

Can I just quickly request that you let your child know what they are having for school dinner each day. The reason being that a number of children are asking to change their order when they see it displayed on the Smarboard. I am reluctant to change the choice because you may think your child is having a hot meal and then they change it to a roll, and also because of time restraints in class. Thanks for your understanding.

I do hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Kind regards, Mrs Thomson