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The excitement for Christmas has started to build this week in P3. The class decorations are up and the children have made their very own class kindness advent calendar. Ask them about the acts of kindness that they have already participated in.

On Wednesday, the children wrote a letter to Santa. They learned how to lay out the letter and included some questions that they would like to ask Santa. They also told Santa an example of when they have been helpful and also what they would like for Christmas. 

During Art time, the children made a beautiful Christmas card. I hope you enjoy the finished result. I think all of the cards are fantastic.

We learned to use paint.net this week during our ICT slot. The children learned how to use the drawing tool and edit undo button. We will hopefully learn how to use further tools next week. 

For Project, the children learned how to programme a beebot to follow a set of instructions. This seemed easy at first until they had to include left or right turns. However, all of the children really enjoyed the challenge and persevered until they correctly programmed the beebot. They worked incredibly well in their pairs. This activity also used ICT and Maths knowledge too. 

In Maths, the children continued to work on their subtraction skills. As always they had access to Numicon, number squares and number lines to support understanding. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards, Mrs Thomson