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Good afternoon.
It has been another lovely, busy week in Primary 3.
The children are continuing to enjoy their running club activities on a Monday morning and it is lovely to see so many children's stamina improving.

On Tuesday, the children got to find out what Naughty Amelia Jane had got up to in the next chapter of the book. They made a prediction about what was going to happen in the second part of the chapter.

On Wednesday, the class used the mind map they created last week to support them with writing their own version of the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. I really enjoyed reading the finished results. Many of the children had tried hard to add interesting adjectives and verbs to make their stories interesting and detailed.

In the afternoon on Wednesday, the class made stick puppets of the characters from Little Red Riding Hood so they could act out the story. This linked in with our project on Toys.

In our project slot on Thursday, we learned about friction and how it slows the speed of objects down. We did an experiment where we flicked a piece of Lego over different surfaces and measured how far it went. The smooth table let the piece of Lego go the furthest as it had the least friction. The Lego hardly travelled on the sandpaper because it was very rough which caused lots of friction.

We have finished off our addition topic in Numeracy this week. Next week we are moving onto subtraction. The children will be able to use their addition knowledge to support them with their understanding of subtraction.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Kind regards, Mrs Thomson