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Good afternoon everyone,

During topic this week the children have been learning about day and night. We used a torch as the sun and a globe to explore our understanding. We learned that the sun can only shine on one side of the globe at a time and the other half will be in darkness so it will be nighttime. We learned that the Earth spins on its axis over 24 hours and for part of that time we will have daylight and part of the that time we will have darkness.

We also learned about how shadows are made and made shadow puppets to explore our understanding further.

We learned about metaphors in writing and listened to a poem called 'The Water Giant.' We identified that the gian'ts bath was a metaphor for the rain and his loud laughter was a metaphor for thunder. We then thought of our own metaphors for the weather and wrote a poem. Some ideas were fantastic. For example, wind is pegasus' wings flapping quickly or thunder is a giant playing a timpani drum. Metaphors are a tricky concept and will be revisted several times as they move through the school.

For maths this week, the children have learned about odd/even numbers, ordering numbers, finding biggest/smallest numbers and estimating numbers on a number line.

During reading, the children have learned to read ahead for meaning and how to share their opinion about their favourite part of the book.

Have a lovely weekend.
Kind regards, Mrs Thomson