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Good afternoon,

This week has been packed with lots of new learning and the children have really risen to the challenge.

In Numeracy, the children have been looking at the value of digits in a number, finding the largest/smallest number, adding/subtracting 10 and finding the numbers before/after.

As part of our Project, we learned how a rainbow is made. We watched a video clip that explained that the white light from the sun is refracted (bent) when it shines through a raindrop. This splits the white light into the different colours of the rainbow. We then carried out an experiment and made our own rainbows using a mirror, torch, bowl and water.

The children completed their wax resist watercolour rainbow pictures on Wednesday. They are fabulous and are going to be displayed on the wall. They also wrote simile poems about the colours of the rainbow. They were also super and will be displayed alongside the rainbow pictures.

Our Reconnector today highlighted 'World Cleanup Day' on Saturday 19th September around the world so we are being mindful of how much litter we produce and how we should keep our environment clean and tidy.

Mrs Greig has started a new class novel with the class. It is called 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark'. The children are really enjoying it so far.

Overall, the children have worked their socks off this week and Mrs Greig and I are really proud of them. I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Kind regards, Mrs Thomson & Mrs Greig