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The holiday weekend seems so long ago now as we are back into full swing with our learning.
We tried to go outside to plant on Monday but the weather was dreadful and so we ended up planting our bulbs, seeds and beans in the cloakroom area. We now have a TV room that looks like a garden centre! Thank you again to Abbie McIntosh's mum for giving us the vegetable containers. We are very excited to see if the carrots, radishes and spring onions will grow so that we can turn them into a nice snack for us to eat.
Our bulbs are out in the open so we are hoping we've timed it right for the Daffodil Competition on Saturday the 21st March at the Civic Centre in Inverkeithing.
We have learned about non-standard measurement by the use of cubes and have used our rulers to measure using centimetres (cm) to measure a variety of classroom resources. We have finished our measuring topic by drawing lines using centimetres.
Our writing this week was re-telling a nursery rhyme with a twist to the tale. The children came up with great ideas for their characters. 
The children have run through their play, Tairy Fales, our mixed up Fairy Tales and are doing really well at taking on roles and using expression whilst looking at how to project their voices. We will be showing the play to you on Wednesday April 1st from 2.00pm - 2.50pm. Not all the children have chosen to perform in the play but those who haven't will still be singing the songs with us and are already busy getting the props and scenery ready for the show and will be our chefs for our refreshments on the day.
Have a lovely weekend.
Miss M Shearer