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We started our week with the children reciting their Scottish poem, the Sair Finger, to the class. I was very impressed with the effort that most children had put in to learn all the verses and to use actions to compliment their recital. It was a really difficult job for me to get down to the three finalists! 
In maths we have continued to develop our subtraction strategies by focussing on place value by using the tens and ones columns. (46-24)
We wrote our instructions in preparation for making our bird feeders and they have taken them home for you to put in garden so that the birds will hopefully come and eat and allow the children the chance to record the various birds that come to our gardens, 
We also wrote about a Giraffe Necked Weevil using the I See, I Think, I Wonder strategy and I was so impressed, as was our visitor, with the children's questioning and ideas they came up with. We then researched the insect during our IT time.
Our social target next week is about the importance of wearing school uniform and it would be really helpful if each child wears their tie for the performance at Carnegie Hall on Thursday. 
Parents are allowed to attend the performance at 9.30am. They can pay at the door of Carnegie Hall and will then be seated up in the balcony. 
The children are at the early stages of using Seesaw and the forms for the parents to sign up to the approach are in their homework bags. It is a great way for you to see all learning your child is involved in.
Have a lovely weekend
Miss Shearer