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Good afternoon everyone
I can't believe it is the last day of term 1. It has been so good to get back into a routine again and I am so impressed with all of your children who have adapted so well to our new 'normality.' 
We have completed our Children Around the World project and will be looking at Weather Stations next term. 
We have worked on measuring using non-standard measurement and have looked at centimetres and will continue with metres in term 2.
The children retold our story of Who's Got my Hairy Toe? It was such good fun and they used a lot of our writer's craft skills.
We have been involved with Halloween activities this week as I wasn't sure what all the new rules would be after the holidays.  This means when we come back after the holidays, we will be able to get straight back to our normal timetable and the children have had a really fun week which is a really good way to end our first term together. 
I am so impressed with the skills the children showed when they were making their pumpkins. They worked in their teams taking turns, listening to others' opinions and it was a joy to be involved with them. I am very impressed with their results. 
Thank you to all of P2/3 for being such an amazing class.
Have a really good, relaxing holiday. I hope the weather will be kind to you all. See you next term!
Best wishes 
Miss Shearer