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Good afternoon everybody.
It was lovely to get the chance to talk to everyone for Parents Evenings even with all the technology problems! It is always nice to share their wonderful achievements.
We have worked on the magic 'e' with the i this week and the children are using this skill within their written tasks.
Our Big Writiing used another photo for stimulus and the children have written wonderful stories thinking about a beginning, middle and ending to their stories without using the words 'the end.'
I hope the children have been able to find a safe spot for their rain catchers and are able to record the amount of rain each day. We have planned to make an anemometer next week and will hopefully be able to record the wind speed with it. 
In Numeracy, we are working on time and have explored o'clock, half past and have looked at quarter to/past and will explore digital time next week.
Our Art is a lovely 3-D umbrella in the rain picture using folding skills and fine detail.
For Science this week, Humpty Dumpty used a raw egg which the childen gave a face and name to, they then had to think of ways to protect the egg when dropped from a height. Did they break or could they save Humpty?  I am sure they will enjoy sharing their results with you!
Indoor P.E days are Mondays and Thursdays so can the children please bring indoor gym shoes so we can change into these and keep our gym hall clean and safe. Thank you.
I hope you all have a really lovely relaxing weekend.
Miss Shearer