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Good Afternoon,

It is great to be back after the holidays. The children have settled back very quickly into our routines.
In numeracy we have completed measuring m and cm. I had planned to get outside to measure with metre sticks but unfortunately the rain prevented us from doing so. Hopefully we will do so in the future when we get some dry weather!
We have started our fractions topic and will continue with 1/2's and 1/4's next week.
We have looked at the th sound and are working on recognising the difference between th and f as it is very common for children to write fink instead of think and wif instead of with.
We re-told the story of The Scarecrow and illustrated the different sections of the story. I am sure the children will be able to scare you with the creepy story!
We have started ouR Weather Station project and the children are getting very excited to role play being a weather reporter. Could I please ask you to pass in any plastic bottles you have as I will be using them to make instruments to measure the weather? Thank you.
I hope you like the elf picture that your child has brought home. It is for our annual Christmas card that will be createdif you would like to order. The instructions for doing so have been e-mailed out to you. Please return all drawings on Monday. 
What a thrill seeing so many children dressed up in their Halloween costumes today, it was really heartwarming seeing them all so happy.
I hope you all have a fangtastic weekend. Happy Halloween for Saturday. 
Miss Shearer