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Good afternoon everyone.
We have had another very busy week with the children working on patterns and sequences as well as and 2D/3D shape in our numeracy. 
We have explored words beginning and ending with g as well as looking at words that had the g in the middle of the word. We also looked at the sh sound and were able to transfer our learning into our written tasks. I was very impressed with their stories about a magic carpet ride to France. We are working on sounding out all the sounds in words as well as writing using the lines and using correctly formed letters.
It was good to get out on Monday for our outdoor PE. The children had fun doing the 'beans warm up' as well as 'Please Mr Crocodile may we cross the water?'. It was nice to see some of them playing the game at lunchtimes.
The children are still working on their chosen country as a personal study and have been using their research skills in IT to find out about their country. Sumdog are starting a competition tomorrow for a week. It would be great if they can complete some of the questions at home. 
Our learning attribute this week was Lenny the Lion. He began as very lazy but realised that you have to work hard at tasks that you want to become successful at. He succeeded by trying his best.
They have created a beautiful sketched drawing of the Eiffel Tower which is going to be displayed in the classroom.
Our science experiment question was Does Chocolate Melt in Your Mouth? They weren't allowed to chew, bite, lick or chew..... I wonder what the answer was!
Please could you ensure that all children now bring a cardi/jumper as per school unifomr and a hoodie/sweatshirt on PE days. (Monday and Thursday)
Thank you.
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Miss Shearer