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Good afternoon everybody.
What a quick week it has been!
The children have completed their work on symmetry and are able to find lines of symmetry in shapes, letters and things in our environment. We looked at the Islam faith and at the symmetry they use for their prayer mats and buildings.
We used a photo stimulus to help us use the 'I See, I Think, I Wonder' strategy to write sentences with capital letters and full stops. What creative minds they all have!
The children took on a challenge in our I.T time, using Topmarks Symmetry and were able to sort shapes and pictures into what was/wasn't symmetrical. They amazed me with their totals and it has cost me a LOT of house points because they were so quick. I am sure they would love to show you at home just how good they are.
Our spelling this week looked at the magic 'e' and how it changes the 'a' sound to its name.
Our social studies looked at the What is Rain? question.
It was very nice to get back indoors for P.E and we will do Yoga for a few weeks and then move on to Scottish Country Dancing.
It was very nice to talk to people this week for Parents Nights. I am looking forward to next Monday and Wednesday to be able to talk to you all. There were a few glitches with families not being able to connect to me but please do not panic if this happens, as I will have telephone numbers ready and will call you if you don't connect. 
I hope you enjoy the extended weekend and look forward to seeing the children on Monday.

Miss Shearer