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Good Afternoon, 

Next week in Literacy we will be focussing on reading and writing words with the 'ou' sound. This will inculde the common words 'out, about and house' .  In reading we will be continuing to improve our reading fluency by  'blending the first letters together' to read unfamiliar words. 

In Mathematics we will be learning to share groups of items by making smaller groups i.e. halving numbers. By the end of the week the children should be able to identify what half of a number, up to 10, is e.g. half of 4 is?

Although the P1's are too young to enter the 'Draw Your Mum' Competition for the Courier, we will all be creating portraits of our mum's on Monday.  To help support them in this activity, we ask that your child comes to school on Monday with a photo of their mum, so that the children can capture a true likeness. These pictures will be displayed at a later date for all mums to view. 

Hope you have a lovely weekend 
Miss Yorkston