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Good afternoon,

P1 have been busy demonstrating our school value of ‘Responsibility’ this week, by collecting litter from our school garden.  We used litter pickers we got from Mr Hepburn’s office. We are looking forward to keeping our garden and playground clear from litter every day.

Once collected, we sorted through all the litter. We were amazed to discover the different types of litter being dropped, from paper to plastics. We learned that in school we should put paper in our classroom recycling sacks and all other litter should go in the rubbish bins or go home to be recycled.  This led us to learn more about ‘Reduce, Reuse Recycle.’ Some of the children made posters to educate other children in the school.

We carried on the theme of sorting in our Maths lessons and were able to sort various objects using given criteria and criteria of our own.

Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Davie, Miss Yorkston and P1.