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Good Afternoon, 

A highlight this week was receiving our 'Book Bug Bags' from the Scottish Book Trust. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring the contents of the bags and using some of the books to focus our learning this week.

On Monday we read the story from the P2 Book Bug bag, 'How many Trees'. This stimulated great conversations about the number of trees each of us thought it takes to make a forest and we were surprised to find out that the answer is only one. This led us to learn more about the Life Cycle of a tree.

On Wednesday, after being inspired by the book ‘My first book of Birds’ from Primary 1’s Book Bug Bags, we created beautiful collage pictures of our favourite garden birds. We used the technique of tearing, to stick layers of coloured paper onto our birds to mimic their different coloured feathers. Unsurprisingly, a Robin was the most popular bird of choice, closely followed by a Blue Tit. We were all very impressed by our efforts and hope that you were too!

During drawing club on Thursday, we were surprised to discover that we enjoyed the second book from the P1 Book Bug Bag book, `This is a Dog`, as much as the others. However this time we were not impressed by the antics of the main character, Dog, so we decided that we should rewrite the book without him!

We hope you enjoy sharing these books, over and over again, together at home.

Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Yorkston and P1/2