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Good afternoon

This week as part of ‘Our bodies’ topic we have been exploring our 5 senses. We identified the specific parts of the body related to each of the senses and learned how our senses help keep us safe. We also discussed that some people have limitations of the senses and require aids in which to help them e.g. glasses for sight and hearing aids for hearing.

A highlight was participating in different challenges to test our senses. There was a: Spot The Difference game to test our sense of sight; a guess the animal quiz to test our sense of hearing; a feely box challenge to test our sense of touch; a guess the scent challenge to test our sense of smell and a crisp challenge to test our sense of taste.

We also watched a news article about a campaign to get more people wearing clear face coverings to help people with a poor sense of hearing to lip read. 

We hope you enjoy exploring your senses further this weekend.
Miss Yorkston and P1/2