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Good afternoon,
We were all very excited to start our week with another delivery of a basket full of clues. This time the clues were for the popular nursery rhyme,`Humpty Dumpty'.
On Monday, we enjoyed singing the rhyme and creating actions to go with it. We then continued to develop our Literacy from last week by choosing the correct word to complete sentences about the nursery rhyme.
On Tuesday, we undertook another STEAM challenge, working with a different P1b partner, to help protect Humpty Dumpty.
In Numeracy this week, we have been focusing upon the language of subtraction , e.g `5 minus 3 is...', `take 2 from 10'....`4 subtract 1 is'.....`3 less than 9 is'.... `subtract 5 from 10'....etc.
In Health and Wellbeing/Science, we continued to learn about life cycles. This week started off with the life cycle of the human being and led to more unusual animals such as the seahorse, snake and kangaroo.