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Today our Reconnector time with P1-3 was all about Kindness.  We shared what we thought kindness meant and why it is important to show this to everyone.
We watched a clip about being kind and helpful and also listened to a story called 'Kindness is my superpower' so if children tell you they have a superpower - believe them!
We celebrated birthdays for Kian Wanless and Ruaridh Millar - We hope you enjoyed your special days boys!
We also celebrated our Social Target winners who have shown they can listen well to others.  Congratulations to Iseabail Haggett, Alyssa Heagney, Owen Tomlinson, Isla Crawford and Chloe Sulatycki!  Thank you to all of the children for coming for their photo beside the achievement screen.
Our Social Target next week is 'I can show kindness to others'.
Have a lovely weekend everyone!