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Today in our Reconnector we were able to see a preview of the special Christmas messages each class has prepared to share with you at home.
We hope you all enjoy them, we certainly did!
Our Reconnector was interrupted by a special message from the North Pole - none other than Santa!  We were so surprised, we couldn't believe he knew who we were and what our values are too!  We are delighted to hear that we are all on the good list although Mrs McIntosh, apparently it is touch and go!
Santa asked us all to be thoughtful and kind over Christmas and listen well to the adults, making sure we get to bed early on Christmas Eve.
We listened to a story about a naughty pug dog called Pig who loved Christmas but was very greedy and wanted lots of presents - he came to a tricky end on top of a Christmas tree so we think he learned his lesson about thinking of others instead of himself.
Congratulations to our Social Target Achievers this week who showed our school values, Ryan Forsyth, Grace Ferguson, Anna Fenwick, Lucy Raikes and Laima Lowe.
Our Social Target for the new year is 'I can start the year with a positive mindset.'