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The theme of our Reconnector today was Good Manners and thinking of others.  We learned about the 'magic words' (please ask us about these!)  We also saw a couple of stories about sharing and thinking of how we can help others.
We are very proud of ourselves as we are sharing food and other items with our community, helping those who don't have everything they need.
Our Social Target this week was 'I can show resilience' so well done to:
Amy Thomson, Lewis Holder, Naia Meach, Aidan McArthur & Abbie Crozier.  An additional well done to Chloe Sulatycki who showed resilience in Music and was recognised by Mrs Baxter.
Happy Birthday wishes go to:
Euan Linton & Brooke Davidson, we hope you enjoy your birthdays.
Our Social Target next week is 'I can think of how I can help others.'  This is in line with our donations to the Foodbank for Tackling Poverty week.