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Today's Reconnector talked about Kindness and what we can do to help others.  We were very proud of ourselves today as we have shown kindness by raising money for genetic research through wearing jeans and bringing a donation to school.
We saw a video about a little boy called Max who tries his best despite having some difficulties.  We also watched a clip of the Spitfire aeroplane which flew over our school yesterday. Some of us were outside for P.E so waved and the pilot came over again! We got to see a film about the pilot and hear about why the plane with 'Thank u NHS' under the wings was flying over the whole of the UK.
We also heard about Roald Dahl who thought kindness was one of the most important qualities we can have.
A big congratulations to our Social Target Winners this week, Euan Linton, Lucy Millar, Oliver Wnuk, Joah Duncan and Emily Page who showed responsibility for their choices, actions and words.  Well done!