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Good Morning. I hope everyone has had a super weekend despite the lack of sunshine.You should have received via email a letter from Carrie Lindsay, Executive Director Education and Children's Services, outlining key plans for our return to school in August'20. I am sure you will have many questions regarding this. As indicated in the communication much planning will now be at school level and I shall issue to you, over the next few days, FAQs information sheet which will allow you to prepare your child and family for our return. I am fully aware of the need for you to know which cohort/days your child will attend school. I confirm that this will be organised as per family/sibling model and shall will be shared with you as soon as possible.
As always should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate in emailing me directly Laura.Howie@fife.gov.uk
For our P7 pupils this week marks the beginning of transition focused activities with our children transitioning to Woodmill High School visiting on Tuesday morning- wishing you all a fantastic visit!
Best wishes,
Laura Howie