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Hello everyone,
We are organising Canmore’s event for the Macmillan Coffee Morning. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, we are unable to have our traditional Macmillan Coffee Morning. However, we have worked together to come up with a bunch of creative ways we can still raise money and have fun! We will be having a Macmillan Fun Day for our whole school on Thursday 8th October. Below includes all the different ways we will be trying to raise money and awareness for Macmillan Charity:

Whole School Bake Off:
We are inviting the whole school to participate in a bake off challenge. Sadly, we can’t bring any baking into school, but that shouldn’t stop us from baking and creating! If you would like to enter the Whole School Bake Off, we are asking you to bake something at home; take a photo of you and your masterpiece and send it to canmoreps.enquiries@fife.gov.uk
We will then display all photos in our school hall for our Macmillan Fun Day.
We will be choosing a Head Baker from P1-3 and Head Baker from P4-7. The winners will be announced at Reconnector on Friday 9th October. The winners will receive a prize! Good luck bakers!

Dress Down:
We are inviting the whole school to dress down on our Macmillan Fun Day. We would love you to wear something that is purple, green and/or white. These are the Macmillan colours. If you don’t own any clothing in these colours, please do not buy something, just dress down. Please bring in a donation of £1 to dress down. With this donation, you will also receive a ticket. This ticket will allow you to play one of the games which will be taking place in the hall.

A Day of Fun Games:
Throughout our Macmillan Fun Day, there will be a range of games taking place in our school hall. Each class will be given a time slot. There will be 5 games:
1) Guess the Prize Box – There will be 5 boxes, and with a prize under one box. If you pick the correct box, you win the prize! This will be 50p a shot.
2) Guess Percy’s Birthday – We have a cuddly Percy Pig toy and Percy Pig sweets to be won. All you have to do is guess the correct date of Percy’s birthday. This will be £1 a shot.
3) Beat the Goalie – Can you beat a P7 goalie? If you do, you win 50 house points. This will be 50p a shot.
4) Netball Shoot Out – How many shots can you score? For every shot scored, you get 20 house points. This will be 50p for 3 shots.
5) Colouring Challenge – A table will be set up and everyone can take part as this is free! An infant winner and upper winner will be chosen and announced at Reconnector on Friday 9th October. A prize will be awarded to each winner.

Please be reassured that all the appropriate measures will be put in place in order to make this whole experience safe, as well as fun. We can’t wait!

Thank you,
P7, P6/7, Mrs Forrest and Mrs Watt :)