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Good morning everyone!  Welcome to our first assembly of Term 4.  The theme for our assembly today is Kindness.  This ties in with 'Take Notice' & 'Give' as two of our 5 Ways of Wellbeing.
Over the past few weeks, we have seen kindness shown to the NHS, our carers and keyworkers but we also need to show kindness to those around us.  There is a saying 'If you can be anything in this world, be kind' and it is very true.  Sometimes it's hard to think of others when we think about what we can't do ourselves and how our lives have been changed.  What helps is to realise that we are all feeling a bit upset by what is happening and our lives are not the same as they were a few months ago but we are all here to support each other.
Our Social target this week was 'I can show kindness to others'.  When Mrs Howie and myself asked the teachers to identify someone in their class who they felt had done this in the week, based on the experiences pupils were sharing with their teachers, the teachers said it would be very difficult to choose just one pupil.  This is a lovely position to be in because it shows how thoughtful and kind our pupils at Canmore are.  All pupils will have shown kindness this week to their families and friends because it is the right thing to do at any time but especially just now when people need help.
So well done to those of you who have helped to clean up, wash dishes, made your beds, tidied your rooms, been kind to your brother or sister, hoovered, dusted, helped to prepare food and been the best person you can be.  Mrs McIntosh has 2 teenagers at home and I can tell you it is wonderful when they help out rather than disagreeing with each other!  Social target winners - Well done to these individuals recognised this week:
P1a - Maya Dishington
P1b - Grace Swords
P2a - Phoebe Green
P2b - Fionnuala Selkirk
P3 - Matthew Whyte
P3/4 - Ruaridh Bayne
P4 - Ishbel Smithson
P4/5 - Zack Donachie
P5 - Cameron Steel
P5/6 - Leo Hargreaves
P6 - James Lees
P7a - Logan Cant
P7b - Zak Cummings

Birthdays - Some children celebrating birthdays this week are:
Logan Miller, Aaron Bayne, Izzy Fraser, Rachel Collin, Casey Turner, casey Parris, Iris Milford and Emily Hendry.
Happy Birthday to you all!

Achievements - Well done to Logan Miller & his family for his NHS banner, featured in the Dunfermline Press, Logan Cant for his motivational message to his year group as Deputy Head Boy and Gregor Scott who has appeared in the Dunfermline Press this week due to becoming a 'singing sensation' on the internet.  Gregor's clip that proud Mum uploaded has now been liked by 14 000 people.  His singing coach is delighted with him as is the rest of his proud family.

Easter Picture Competition
Oh my goodness, Mrs Howie and I were delighted with the pictures that came in this week for our Easter picture competiton.  Everyone had been very creative and a lot of effort had gone into this.  However, there can only be one winner from each department (P1-3 & P4-7).  After much deliberation, the winners from each department are:
P1-3 - Aila Wilson P1a
P4-7 - Lauren Park P6

Mrs Howie will be in touch by e-mail to let you know about the Easter prize. Well done!
Look out for these pictures and many others on the School App.

To finish today I would like to leave you with a message;
'Be kind whenever possible, it is always possible'  (Dalai Lama)
Watch this clip below from your favourite, Kid President!
Kid President explains Kindness